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Lansing, MI



Scientific & Technical Communication

B.S. in Science Writing



Michigan Technological University

Houghton, MI



Color: Blue

Program: Adobe Indesign

Season: Summer

hobbies: crossfit & camping

Communication. Design. Science. Technology.

i am theresa tran.

It has always been a childhood dream of mine to become a dolphin trainer, but I have realized that is not my true calling. Instead, I have found a passion for technically and creatively communicating and designing information. 


As a communicator, words hold more than meaning. They hold the potential for action. I aim to evoke emotion and action through my communication. 


I have always been fascinated by the many ways that people communicate. This can include user manuals, instructional videos, infographics, and everything in-between.


The inspired, inspire. For me, inspiration stems from my surroundings. It is taking an idea and making it my own. Conveying it through multiple mediums and in various ways is what motivates me. In communication, I love that the endless possibilities of design allow for creative freedom. 


Staying curious and inquisitive is vital to challenging myself and accomplishing new ideas.


This portfolio contains work that I have produced in my journey in becoming a professional communicator. The sections included highlight my design, professional experiences, and writing.


“Everyday, it could be wonderful.”


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