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Location:  Kohler, WI
Position:  Technical Communicator

From May 2014 - December 2014, I had the opportunity to work at Kohler Co. in the Kitchen & Bath Americas division as part of the technical publications department. I worked with major brands such as KALLISTA and STERLING. 


I learned how to work cohesively with engineers, marketers, and designers to develop guides, kits, and videos, and I coordinated with animation vendors and talent resourcing to develop animated installation videos.


This gave me the chance to communicate locally and globally in order to complete projects, while also providing technical specs for New and Current Product Development.


Kohler headquarters
  // Technical Documenter
  // Cross-functional Communicator & Collaborator
  // Researcher

While working at Kohler, I designed both print and digital pieces. One such project included taking on the role of documenter and animation coordinator. My task was to research and document the installation process for four different bathroom sinks and develop guides for those products.


From those guides, I coordinated with animation vendors and talent resourcing to translate printed instructions into videos. 


This experience exposed me to professionals outside of my skillset and allowed me the chance to collaborate with specialists outside of the company. 


The QR codes below link to the Kohler Co. page, which include the technical documents and videos I completed.

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