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Michigan Tech Athletics & Recreations


Collaborating with individuals from the Athletics and Recreations Departments, I worked as a graphic designer, communicator, and assisted with film-making to help promote events, classes, and people that make Michigan Tech unique. The promotional materials I created were advertised to community members, students, and faculty across campus and at the Student Development Complex (SDC). The designs were used as print materials as well as digital materials on the Michigan Tech Recreations website. 


These samples were created to promote and advertise classes and events at the SDC. 

Personal Training Brochure ​//


This brochure was created for the fitness department in order to highlight individuals and personal training policies. I organized and managed the content and images used and communicated with the trainers to research information.

Huskiesfit Haunted Halloween //


This electric web banner was created to advertise "spooky" recreational fitness to students. The banner was displayed at the student development center and at various student events.

Huskiesfit Learn to Skate //


This web button was created to advertise youth hockey classes being offered. The goal was to inform parents about an opportunity to excite their children about hockey .

RAD Session ​//


This advertising piece was created to encourage women to attend a rape aggression defense class. The design captures a minimalist yet rugged feel. 

Huskiesfit Hockey Ad ​//


This poster was created to encourage hockey fans to explore programs offered at the Student Development Complex (SDC). These images were chosen to feature some of the classes offered.​

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